From Chip To Energy

ULTIWIT focuses on the development of hardware and software products and integrated solutions to enable liquid cooling and heat reuse capabilities, as it aims to achieve ultimate energy efficiency for the computing industry.

The Ultimate Product

Hardware + Software

  1. Liquid cooling
  2. Waste heat reuse
  3. Cloud management
  4. Algorithm iteration

The Integrated Solution

for Computing Industry

  1. Turnkey solution
  2. Cloud computing


Setting Trend Toward Industry-Wide Standardization

Designed respectively to the 4U & 2U standards, TANKPCB & RACKPCB are purposed respectively for immersion liquid cooling and rack-mounted liquid cooling. By the rollout of the two servers, ULTIWIT aims to piece the puzzle of its holistic computing solutions and also set a trend toward industry-wide standardization in alignment with IDC standards.

Through standardization, we will be able to optimize cost, efficiency, and safety from manufacturing to operation for the computing industry as a whole.


A Better Boiler For The Heating Industry

90% of chip-generated heat can be recycled and utilized to serve as a boiler, satisfying heating needs for various scenarios, such as residential, agricultural, industrial sites.

SAIHUB adopts liquid cooling and waste heat recycling technology to replace traditional fossil powered boilers. Thus, creating more sustainable infrastructure for mining.


A Better Boiler For The Heat Demands

With our mobile Plug-and-Play mining Cabinet acting as an on-demand Boiler , we can go anywhere to keep the heating with stable supply, and generate E-values.

BOX renewables utilization solution give investor a new future for significantly reduce capital expenses for Base setting and reduce operating expenses by selling heat to heat users.


An All-in-one management tool

Features three main functions: bitcoin asset management, energy management, and mining management. The APP displays real-time mining operation statistics. The APP contains a decentralized wallet for bitcoin asset management, supporting keystone and PSBT protocols. It’s also compatible with mainstream cold wallet products, allowing users to store their bitcoin in a “safe deposit box.” Furthermore, it provides users access to mainstream mining pools and blockchain browsers.