SAITECH to Stream First Annual Corporate Event SAI TIME 2022

SAI to unveil the future of sustainable mining, available power and innovative heating and introduce its integrated SAIHUB 3.0 solution in this corporate event

SAITECH Limited (“SAITECH” or the “Company”), an energy-saving Bitcoin mining operator and a clean-tech company that integrates Bitcoin mining, heating and power industries, headquartered in Singapore, today announced its inaugural corporate annual virtual event, SAI TIME 2022, taking place virtually on March 30, 2022.

SAI TIME 2022 Online Stream Details

Mr. Arthur Lee, Founder and CEO of SAITECH, will be hosting and presenting at the virtual event. In his keynote speech, he will discuss SAITECH’s corporate mission, organizational structure, developing philosophy and business strategies for the future of sustainable mining. In addition, he will introduce key features of SAIHUB 3.0 — the Company’s integrated solutions and products that are being launched in the global Bitcoin mining, power and heating markets to drive greater energy efficiency across the three industries. At the end of the virtual event, SAITECH’s existing financial investors will present to share their greetings with the Company in the new year.

SAI TIME 2022 is the marker event of year 2022 for SAI. It is a reflection of impact, a way to capture meaningful moments on our path, a chance to recognise the people who supported and inspired us, and most importantly, an opportunity to share our revolutionary vision with the Bitcoin mining industry and the world.

“As we are launching this inaugural corporate annual virtual event, we would like to take a moment to talk about how we will make 2022 a revolutionary year not only for SAI, but for the Bitcoin mining industry entirely. With the advent of web 3.0, we have great challenges and great opportunities ahead of us, let’s take the chalice of opportunity and usher in the new era of green cryptocurrency with SAI.” – Arthur Lee

For more details and register with SAI TIME 2022 virtual event, please visit:

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