SAI innovates in minimizing Bitcoin mining costs and environmental impact with SAIHUB solution.

By collaborating with heating industry players, renewable energy investors, blockchain system developers and advanced chip manufacturers, SAIHUB aims to build a sustainable infrastructure network for the Bitcoin value chain.

SAIHUB integrates four cost-efficient technologies


CAB - a better boiler for the heating industry.

  • 90% of chip-generated heat can be recycled and utilized to serve as a boiler, satisfying heating needs for various scenarios, such as residential, agricultural, industrial sites.
  • CAB adopts liquid cooling and waste heat recycling technology to replace traditional fossil powered boilers. Thus, creating more sustainable infrastructure for mining.

BOX – a better battery for renewable sites.

  • With our mobile plug-and-play mining cabinet acting as an on-demand battery, we can go anywhere to turn wasted and stranded power into digital assets.
  • BOX renewables utilization solution significantly reduces energy wastage whilst speeding up clients’ return on investment through Bitcoin income.

APP – a better browser to manage digital assets.

APP is our all in one cloud management platform under development providing mining clients with more transparent, convenient, and safer services integrating wallets, mining pools, and blockchain functions in one browser.

PCB – build a better block with chip manufactures.

  • PCB represents the next-generation mining chips that come with embedded energy-saving design, breaking the bottleneck of traditional mining chips, enhancing mining chip performance.
  • By sharing our “liquid cooling + waste heat recovery” expertise to chip manufacturers, the PCB solution will empower conventional mining chips with higher energy efficiency and improved margins.

If you are heating users, renewable sites investors or miners who are looking for energy-saving solutions,

Please kindly fill out the form linked HERE so we can arrange a consultant to get back to you.