SAI was Invited to Participate in the World’s Largest Bitcoin Conference Bitcoin2021


On June 4th and June 5th, the Bitcoin 2021 conference will be held in Miami. SAI officially announced that its North American market consultant Larry Li together with former Congressman Ron Paul, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, Micro Strategy Chairman Michael Saylor, and others were invited to attend Bitcoin2021.

In the past year, Bitcoin has experienced a strong rise from a sharp drop to $3,000 to a maximum of more than $60,000. Coupled with the cancellation of last year’s conference due to the COVID-19, the heavy return of Bitcoin 2021 will undoubtedly bring together front-line technology leaders, Bitcoin and related computing power industry experts, scholars, and Bitcoin believers from all over the world after two years.

As the first digital asset company to join the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, SAI is also the first company in the industry to sign a commitment at the United Nations to reduce carbon emissions and achieve carbon neutrality by providing clean computing power. As the only technology company at the conference that horizontally integrates clean energy to provide clean computing power, SAI has used new energy technology to integrate computing power, heating, and electricity research, which has attracted a lot of attention in the industry. According to the agenda on the official website, on the morning of June 4th, SAI’s advisor Larry Li, Jack Dorsey, and Michael Saylor will give speeches successively.


The business of SAI covers worldwide. Larry Li, the North American market consultant of SAI who attended the conference, is also the managing partner of AMINO Capital. AMINO Capital is a venture capital fund that brings together Chinese executives from Silicon Valley IT giants, focusing on an early investment in cutting-edge projects such as high-tech and information technology. Many companies including Zoom and Kuaishou Video have received their investment.

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