SAI Signed UN Climate Neutral Now Initiative, Who is the World’s First Company that Promises to Use Clean Computing Power to Achieve Carbon Neutrality

This year, Chinese researchers announced a study. According to their estimates, if the existing energy sources and use efficiency are maintained, the energy consumption generated by blockchain operations will reach a peak in 2024, generating more than Italy’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. Square recently released a memo by quoting ARK’s research model, stating that Bitcoin mining is supplying a larger proportion of grid baseload energy at a lower cost. Thus, the use of renewable energy systems has been enhanced.


Recently, the global computing operator SAI joined the UNFCCC Climate Neutral Now (UNFCCC Climate Neutral Now, hereinafter referred to as the “Neutral Initiative”) launched by the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). This global computing energy operator empowered by clean energy for high-performance chips has become the world’s first digital asset company to join the UNFCCC, and also the first in the industry to sign a commitment to the United Nations to reduce the cost by providing clean computing power. SAI is committed to reducing carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality by providing clean computing power.

The “Neutral Initiative” plan was initiated and implemented by the UNFCCC in 2015 to encourage the whole society to take actions to protect the climate. The initiative is promoted and implemented by the secretariat of the UNFCCC, which provides scientific methods to reduce corporate carbon footprints and help achieve carbon neutrality. As of the end of 2020, there have been a number of contracted members including various enterprises, organizations, international and intergovernmental agencies, United Nations agencies, individuals, etc., covering multiple industries such as finance, technology, and engineering. The addition of SAI has also filled the gap in the high-performance computing industry related to blockchain.


SAI was founded in 2019 and is a clean computing technology enterprise. As the vice chairman unit of the Clean Heating Industry Committee (CHIC), SAI has four core technology sectors: SAIHEAT (chip waste heat utilization), SAIWATT (clean poåwer consumption), SAIBYTE (computing cloud network system), and SAICHIP (new computing chip).

The SAIHEAT Energy&Computing Center, which has obtained AAA-level certification for clean heating services, uses the “chip water cooling + chip waste heat utilization” technical system to realize waste heat recovery and energy secondary utilization, and open up the computing power, electricity, and heating links to reduce costs and improve energy efficiency. The traditional heating system can be applied in civil and commercial buildings after adding a SAIHEAT series chip waste heat heating cabinet. In an ecological park of SAI in central Asia, the greenhouse can be maintained at a suitable temperature of more than 40 degrees by recycling the waste heat generated by computing while the outdoor temperature is minus 7 degrees. SAI can reduce the computing power cost of about 35% for customers, together with the heating cost of the heat demand side and the corresponding power investment.

In addition, SAI has also developed its own EMS (environment management system) system according to the ISO14000 standard, trying its best to minimize the negative impact of business processes on the environment.

In a project of SAI, the recovery of the waste heat generated by computing is used for heating, and the greenhouse is maintained at 43.4 degrees (the outdoor environment is minus 7 degrees)


When talking about the next step of development, the founder Arthur Lee said that SAI ’s mission is to enable everyone to use more clean and affordable computing power, electricity and heating resources. In the future, the company will adhere to “energy empower computing, computing empower future” corporate vision, continue to explore in the direction of providing high-performance computing based on clean energy, accumulate experience for the industry to achieve a comprehensive clean computing power. At the same time, SAI has also put every effort to achieve the “carbon neutral” goal.

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