Our Innovative Liquid Cooling Technology

Stable and Continuous Operations to Simultaneously Achieve Bitcoin Mining and Heating Liquid Cooling Mining Machine Operation Data

  • The outlet water can consistently maintain at 65℃, which satisfies most heating application requirements.

  • Only 23 minutes warm-up required to reach the mining rig’s full capacity.

  • When the machine is running at its full capacity, it reaches or slightly exceeds the rated hash rate of 68TH/s.

  • Bitcoin can be seen as a by-product of heating, meaning no additio

SAI + Heating = Higher Economic Return for Investors


Save up to 50% on construction costs


30% reduction in total cost


69% reduction in payback period


50% reduction in total carbon emissions

Our CAB solution could double your annual profits and reduce payback period by 69% compares to using traditional heat operators.
As the waste heat is recovered and sold, not only is Bitcoin mined for free, but it also generates an additional profit of €300.000 from heating.
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