Reducing your heating costs by integrating Bitcoin mining operations
with large-scale heating through waste heat recovery.



Utilize liquid cooling plates to keep the chip operating within the optimal temperature range to stabilize the miners’ performance to the greatest extent.



Integrates a patented manifold collector that can simultaneously cool and recover dissipated heat from the ASIC chips. The recovered waste heat can be used for heating in residential and industrial and various other scenarios.



Remain the same installation method as traditional electric boilers but can be adapted to variety deployment scenarios. Through its flexible structural design, the water inlet and outlet can be interchanged without affecting the operations of the equipment and heating production.


The device is highly portable and can be transported in one piece. Equipped with a full leakage protection switch and industrial PLC cloud real-time monitoring system, its operational data can be monitored and recorded in real time remotely via cell phones, computers and other network devices.

Our Innovative Liquid Cooling Technology


Key Features


Unique Alloy Material

High specific heat capacity and high density to satisfy the needs for heat convey and high water pressure.


Internal Screw Threads Design

Enlarged heat exchange area can help increase heat conversion efficiency and cool chips more effectively.


Closed-loop System

No water waste; little influence on external environment; high safety level.


Meet Your Heating Demands

Capable of bearing water pressure between 0.3-0.6MPa; temperature of inlet and outlet water for heating between 45-65℃.


  • Max Numbers of Miners Housed:72
  • Rated Hashrate for one miner:56-68 TH/s
  • Estimated Hashrate for one CAB:4032 TH/s
  • Rated Heating Capacity:210 KW
  • Heating Efficiency:90%
  • Rated Water Inlet Temperature: 45℃
  • Rated Water Outlet Temperature: 65℃
  • Rated Input Power:237 KW
  • Total Weight:2.0 t
  • Dimensions (H × W × D) m:2.5×1.5×1.9m

Stable and Continuous Operations to Simultaneously Achieve Bitcoin Mining and Heating

  • The outlet water can consistently maintain at 65℃, which satisfies most heating application requirements.
  • Only 23 minutes warm-up required to reach the mining rig’s full capacity.

Liquid Cooling Mining Machine Operation Data

  • When the machine is running at its full capacity, it reaches or slightly exceeds the rated hash rate of 68TH/s.
  • Bitcoin can be seen as a by-product of heating, meaning no additional carbon emissions.

SAI + Heating = Higher Economic Return for Investors

Save up to 50% on construction costs

30% reduction in total cost

69% reduction in payback period

50% reduction in total carbon emissions

Our CAB solution could double your annual profits and reduce payback period by 69% compares to using traditional heat operators.
As the waste heat is recovered and sold, not only is Bitcoin mined for free, but it also generates an additional profit of €300.000 from heating.

Heating Application Scenarios


Large-scale Heating Supplier

– District Heating


Large-scale Heating User

– Shopping Mall/Agricultural Greenhouse/Airport/Factory

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