SAI is a professional Bitcoin mining operator with innovative energy-saving technologies and solutions to industries beyond Bitcoin mining.

SAI is on a mission to build a green Bitcoin infrastructure network and promote the clean transition of our energy structure.

Bitcoin Mining is Energy Transition in Nature

In Bitcoin mining, the biggest cost is electricity, 99% of which turns into wasted heat.

SAI is the game changer capable of maximizing the utilization of chip-generated wasted heat in energy intensive sectors.

At SAI, Bitcoin Mining is Sustainable and Carbon Neutral

  • With SAI’s patented liquid cooling and waste heat capture technology, 90% of the chip-generated heat is recycled to serve as a boiler.
  • SAI’s renewable energy-powered boilers best satisfy heating demands for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural scenarios.
  • Replacing fossil-fueled boilers minimizes carbon emissions whilst maximizing clients’ profit margins.



15MW Bitcoin mining hosting capacity in Eurasia came into operation.


Entered global market.


Three large-scale heating pilot programs successfully deployed in China through the winter.


Completed pre-A financing.


Heating cabinet technology test succeeded through a trial program.


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Strategic Investor:

Financial Investors:

SAI commits to ESG with strong initiatives along with

ESG Reports

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