We live in a world of infinite entropy increase, which is inevitable and unchangeable. However, with the improvement of our knowledge, we find that the rate of change of entropy increase can be changed. The entropy increase in practice of the computer industry is the inevitable heat generated during the processing. In SAI, we discovered this problem and proposed our understanding-Energism. A theory to improve energy efficiency: Achieving entropy mitigation in a certain time reduce ΔQ by recovering the generally perceived inefficient thermal energy consumption. As we believe, by using minimal energy to achieve the maximum goal.


Founder & CEO of SAI Tech

Arthur Lee

Founder & CEO
Forbes Asia 30 under 30 at 2021
Founding members of Forbes Global Alliance (FGA)
Author of Energism

Arthur Lee serves as our Chief Executive Officer and a member of the board of directors of SAI.TECH Global Corporation. With an in-depth understanding of energy and computing, he published his first book Computing: The Future of Computing and Energy in 2021; and his second book Energism was published in 2022.